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Things are happening so fast for me I cannot believe it. If I can do this and I work 3 part time jobs anyone else can do this. I am not special or gifted. I just saw an opportunity searching online, saw an ad and went for it. I researched the company and I did my due diligence.  They are giving the formula. Follow it if you are serious about making this happen for you and your families. You will not be sorry you did.  Victoria K, IAP

I am just completing week 6 course.  The programs are amazing.  This will be my last home for professional money services. It's is really refreshing to deal with a company so professional.  The calls are great and each time I hear one my confidence grows.  I have been looking for over 10 years to find such an opportunity and I know I have finally landed at the right place.  John C, IAP

I am so very impressed with your company, visionary approach to financing and success stories.  I feel most honored to even be considered at such an early stage.  I truly mean this from the bottom of my heart. You are and should be very proud of these wonderful pioneering accomplishments.  Your team have blazed new trails for success in the financial world.  Dr. Joel R, Client

Y'know, I was told, "Megan gets her deals closed!" I appreciate that this was not an easy one, but you made it happen. Thanks again!  George M, Client

Not trying to butter up on you or anything like that.... but that was an amazing conference call!  I know there is still a lot of work ahead of us but I felt good after the call.  I can also sense that a lot of the stress weighing in on the good borrower had been unloaded.  Am very glad I was part of that conversation.  Thanks again for everything!  Roberto G, IAP

You are at the top of my list for financing!  You know your job, and do it extremely well.  David H, Client

The educational program is unparalleled.  I joined the team with NO industry experience and quickly gained the knowledge that I needed to be both comfortable in the role and successful.  The coursework is well laid out and full of impactful information for anyone from industry experts to the inexperienced.  Many courses have access to industry experts or direct lenders that walk through their programs and can answer any questions.  Also, having access to the courses live and recorded is a huge asset; I often found myself revisiting the recorded courses to gain a greater understand.  TJ H, IAP

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