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Our charities and organizations are important. No vital.  They save lives, protect us, and provide hope.  We have found that the best way to “give” is by giving through things we do in our daily lives.  Everyone knows banking is big business.  Trillions of dollars are always in motion generating trillions of dollars in fees 24/7.  The bankers have now decided to stand together and give back some of that capital to places that really need it.  We give you Bankers Giving Back “BGB”.   
Bankers Giving Back is a platform that when a financial transaction such as a loan takes place a percentage of the fees generated from that loan will go towards the borrowers’ favorite charity, now and on every transaction for life.  We borrow money.  Period.  Now some of that will automatically help a cause for the greater good of society.  This will not add an additional fees to transactions or change them in anyway.  It will be business as usual, only now, a piece making a difference and or “paying it forward”.  This is powerful giving without having to think about it.    
Who is a candidate for BGB?  Any organization with a noteworthy cause will be considered from children with illnesses, to Alzheimer’s research, to ending world hunger and water shortages, to providing financial literacy and more. This is Wall Street giving back to Main Street.




 We would like to thank the following companies for their generous support of the Bankers Giving Back Program.

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